Saturday, January 21, 2012

A very SWEET blog award!

Yesterday I was presently surprised when I discovered that author Lisa Bergren awarded me the "Irresistibly Sweet" blog award. How very sweet of her!! :-D Since there wasn't anything on the schedule to post today...what better time to follow the rules to accept this award then today?! :-) So, let's get started! In order to accept this blog, I had to tell 7 random things about myself. Here goes!

1 - I can stay up very late, many nights in a row, and be fine. But, after a week or so, I haveta have one day to "regroup" or I crash. Hard. :-P
2 - I'm claustrophobic. Hate tiny, dark places! :-o
3 - I don't really like driving.
4 - I've always dreamed of owning and playing a harp.
5 - I'd rather stay home all day then go out and about town.
6 - I've been to three of my sister's births. Delivered one of them. :-D
7 - People think I'm really talkative, but in truth I'd prefer to just stay in the background and listen. Or better yet, stay in my room writing or reading! :-P

And now I have the pleasure of nominating 10 other bloggers to get this award. And here they are! :-)

- Labor Not in Vain
- Just Another Book Lovin' Girl
- Inspiring Daring
- Seasons of Humility
- Southern Sassy Things
- Writing for Christ
- Austenitis
- Yearning to Read
- Sheri Salatin
- Writing Roseanna

And there they all are. Congrats, ladies! And thank you, Lisa, for giving me this award. How fun! :-)


Faye said...

Congrats! I always like the random things, and learning more about people. Thanks for sharing!
And thanks for passing the award to me :D

Crystal said...

That's awesome you delivered one of your baby sisters!! That's so sweet :)

I'm claustrophobic too! I remember how freaked out I was when I had to get an MRI.. it wasn't fun, the nurse lied! LOL!

Congrats on the award and thanks for passing it to me!

Kara said...

Oh my gosh, Katie, CONGRATS!!! How cool that the award came from Lisa herself, SOOOOO happy for you!!!
I agree with you about preferring to stay home than going out, I always thought that was weird of me but it's nice that I'm not the only one :) That's amazing about you being there for your sisters' births and even assisting in one!!!

Congrats to the other wonderful bloggers who got the award, everyone wins!!!
Thanks for sharing, Katie, I always learn interesting things from your posts :) Blessings girl!

Katie McCurdy said...

Faye - Yeah, reading random things about the bloggers I follow is fun. :-)

Crystal - That was one AMAZING moment when I got to be "there" and catch my little sista. A totally awe-inspiring moment!

Oh, I've never had to have one of those, but they always scare me. No, thank, you!

Kara - Oh, I know, isn't that just SUPER cool?? Who needs actors/football players/celebrities when I can say I know an author as awesome as Lisa Bergren?!?! And got an award from her, too!!! :-D Totally cool!

Melanie said...

What a cool award! Congrats! :)


Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing these fun little "tidbits" of information! How awesome that you got to deliver one of your sisters -- what an amazing opportunity!

I prefer staying home all day, too, as opposed to going out and about. :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Crystal said...

Here's my post. Thanks again!

Amber S. said...

Congratulations on receiving the award from Lisa, and thank you for including my blog in that great list! :)

How fun to learn more about you! I don't really like driving either - I have my permit, but I've only been behind the wheel twice!


Faye said...

Here's the link to the post :

Thank you again :)

Sheri Salatin said...

aww, thank you, Katie. :)

Katie McCurdy said...

Melanie - Thanks!

Michelle - Yeah, it was pretty awesome!

Crystal - Thanks for the link! Congrats girl!

Amber - Yeah, driving just isn't that appealing to me. I just got my license last week (since I haven't needed one before with so many drivers), and I'll admit that being able to drive without a parent is pretty cool. Still, I'd rather stay home or sit in the passenger seat and read. :-)

Faye - Thanks for the link, girl!

Sheri - You are very welcome!!

Ahsan said...


Rachelle Rea said...

Thank you so much, Katie! I bestowed the honor (along with a few others) back on you here:

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